Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability Assessment

Breaches containing usernames and passwords increased by 450% in 2020. – 2021 ForgeRock Consumer Identity Breach Report

A cybersecurity vulnerability assessment is a systematic approach to identify and document the specific security weaknesses in a system. Security Tapestry provides Vulnerability Scanning and Assessment for Networking and Cloud Security as well as Web Application Security.

Comprehensive Scanning

Network vulnerability scanning provides companies with the opportunity to identify active IP addresses and scan them using Security Tapestry’s industry-leading tools, with the goal of discovering vulnerabilities in both internal and external networks. Throughout the process, comprehensive automated testing will identify as many network or web-app related vulnerabilities as possible.

By simulating the attacks of a real-world hacker, the team at Security Tapestry safely exploits the vulnerabilities found in the scanning and assessment phase. These techniques allow us to determine the risk factors of each vulnerability and assess the ability of your network or web application to deter cyber-attacks.

Security Tapestry holds all its vulnerability scans and assessments to standards that meet or exceed those of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). We produce a detailed final report, which includes an executive summary, a listing of risk ratings, and remediation recommendations. A letter of attestation can also be provided upon request.

Identifying Vulnerabilities and Exposures

One of the biggest challenges in securing business environments is having the knowledge required to identify vulnerabilities, prioritize the greatest threats posed to your environment, and then remediate any discovered vulnerabilities. This is where Security Tapestry’s vulnerability scanning services come into play.

Our industry-leading scanning tools enable you to perform an in-depth scan of all external and internal systems for vulnerability identification. A vulnerability assessment can verify the findings and ensure they are correct. Then, Security Tapestry can conduct penetration testing to remove false positives and further define any security gaps.

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