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Keeping Your Information Safe and Secure

Security Tapestry uses top-of-the-line scanning tools to test your network against viruses, backdoors, malware, botnet infections, known and unknown processes, malicious content, and more to provide a real-world look at how attackers could exploit your system’s vulnerabilities. From there, we’ll help you correct problems and bring your network back into compliance. Our partners are vital to helping us do that.

Compliance and Security Operations

Protect your business from cyber-attacks

Risk Assessment

Discover vulnerabilities and define mitigation strategies that fit your company’s objectives.

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Virtual CISO

Businesses with a CISO in place report the highest confidence in their security.

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Mobile Risk Assessment

Evaluate the risk posed to your organization by mobile phones and tablets.

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Continuous Security Monitoring

Detect cybersecurity threats earlier and respond quickly to reduce the impact of an attack.

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Security Services

Find vulnerabilities before malicious hackers do

Qualified Professionals

See the tech credentials of our expert team

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